pitti vierkant

Pitti Immagine organizes some of the world’s most important fashion and lifestyle events: international trade fairs showcasing high quality textiles-clothing, communications events and special projects related to the fashion system and its culture in terms of esthetic expression and global evolutions in style and taste.
Their mission is to produce trade fairs, events and programs dedicated to fashion in the sense of an esthetic and cultural manufacturing and purchasing system, based on style and lifestyle innovations; Pitti Immagine enjoys the cooperation of the international leaders in contemporary creative research and relies on our always strong and original communication campaigns. It is within this global context that Pitti Immagine promotes the identity and quality of fashion and of the Made in Italy label.

The origins of Pitti Immagine date back to the first fashion shows held in Florence: the time was the early fifties and the place was the magnificent Sala Bianca, or White Room, in Palazzo Pitti. These shows launched the worldwide success of Made in Italy. The Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana was founded in 1954 to manage and coordinate these initiatives; today the Centro is a large group that is dedicated to supporting the Italian fashion system through commercial, cultural, communications and training programs and projects, and Pitti Immagine is part of it.
The fulcrum of the Pitti Immagine events is the imposing Fortezza da Basso in Florence. This perfectly intact masterpiece of Renaissance military architecture is situated within walking distance of the other exhibition areas: the  Dogana on Via Valfonda, the nineteenth century Villa Vittoria and the modern Palazzo degli Affari. The Stazione Leopolda, the city’s former railroad station built in the nineteenth century, is Pitti Immagine’s preferred venue for events and exhibitions dedicated to the different languages of contemporary culture.