DSC 0143Pitti Immagine and The Dutch Fashion Foundation are proud to present Conny Groenewegen, winner of the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Award 2011 and winner of the International Incubator Award 2011, as a special guest to Pitti Filati 2012. This joining of forces adds to the already existing cooperation between Pitti and The Dutch Fashion Foundation regarding the Dutch Touch presence at Pitti Uomo and Pitti W. DHL Netherlands has kindly facilitated the transportation of the installation.

The work exhibited
The work exhibited, 'Reversed Nudity' ’is the continuation of Conny’s interest in the combination of leather and hand knit. The knitted ribs give a repetitive, rigid and more physical structure to the skin. The work is a durable interior/fashion hybrid with a double sided use and many possibilities. For example the scale invites you to wrap yourself in in front of the fireplace while sleeves and hoody still give you the freedom to move, read and interact. And in a majestic way you can wear the piece and imagine yourself a character from long told myths. The used anyline leather is a type of leather in which high quality  hides have been treated. This produces a delicate, soft, supple leather that will gain character through time.

The piece was made in 2010 and has been exhibited during 2011 at different locations in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiedam and The Hague.
In addition to this sculptural piece two white leather/hand knit coats are exhibited which are made using the same technique.

Pitti Filati: 25-27 January; Florence

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