dtb201207logoComing July, the Dutch Fashion Foundation will launch the Dutch Touch Campaign in Germany. This will be the first time a Dutch Touch mission will be organized in this country. In collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Berlin and with the support of DutchDFA, Dutch Touch Berlin will be presenting seven prominent Dutch labels at PREMIUM from 4 to 6 of July. The labels that will be present at PREMIUM are: Marcha Hüskes, Youasme Measyou, People of the Labyrinths, Ralph Vaessen, Ready to Fish_, Spijkers en Spijkers and Treasures.

PREMIUM offers a contemporary sales platform for carefully selected collections, international  newcomers and exclusive trend products. Curated on innovation and quality, about nine hundred international women and men’s collections will be presented, next to a broad assortment of accessories, shoes, perfumes and cosmetics.

The German market recently draws a lot attention of Dutch designers and the Dutch Fashion Foundation. Vice versa, the German market is showing more and more interest in Dutch Fashion. During the last couple of years Berlin has developed itself as a cultural avant-garde hot spot.  Besides that, the German market is growing steadily. Both developments stimulated Dutch Touch and her designers to undertake their activities in Germany.

DutchDFA, the Dutch Ambassy in Berlin and KLM support the Dutch Touch campaign in her first steps on the German market.

Location stands:
Marcha Hüskes: H7-D10 & H7-D11
Youasme Measyou: H7-D10 & H7-D11
People of the Labyrinths: H7-D10 & H7-D11
Ralph Vaessen: H7-D10 & H7-D11
Ready to Fish_: H7-D16
Spijkers en Spijkers: H7-D10 & H7-D11
Treasures: H7-D10 & H7-D11

Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6
10963 Berlin

For the digital lookbooks please select one of the labels below:
Marcha Hüskes (PDF):
Youasme Measyou (PDF):
People of the Labyrinths (PDF):
Ready to Fish_ (PDF):
Spijkers en Spijkers (PDF):
Treasures (PDF):