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The label Treasures is dedicated to the creation of eye catching accessories with an exclusive feel, featuring a high quality range of handbags, purses, leather scarves and jewelry. Made with love and full attention to detail, each style is entirely handmade by talented craftsmen on Bali and India.

Our collections draw their inspiration from the diversity of traditional artworks and refined materials designer Julie Coste encounters during her travels across the globe. Combining ethnic handwork with a contemporary European feel, the range is both fashionable and timeless. Each piece reflects an authentic Treasure in itself, resonating to the uniqueness of the wearer, yet remaining pleasantly accessible for many women to indulge upon, and easy to wear.
Treasures has been presented during several editions of the International Fashion Week in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Milano and Rome, and is currently available in over 150 selected boutiques and department stores throughout Europe and Asia.

Designed on Bali and inspired by the islandís decorative art and traditional crafts, the Summer 2012 collection has an effortless feel, blending casual femininity with vivid colors and shimmering touches, refined with ethnic details such as braiding, fringes, studs and leather embroidery.

The line features a selection of cool satchels, embellished shoppers, eye catching hoboís, adorable clutches, bespoke fringed stoles, and colorful leather jewelry. Leathers are rich in textures and combine embroidered suede, soft nubuck and sturdy sheep nappa to the finest lambskins, spiced up with reptile structures in colorful metallics.