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Marcha Hüskes has been operating on an international level since 2003, with sales agents in Paris, London and New York. Her collections are built on the concept of elegant functionality; an effortless blend of luxury and wearability.

Marcha Hüskes' prêt-à-porter collections are produced using only the highest quality Italian fabrics, mainly jerseys for their essential sensation of comfort, and applying advanced and up to date techniques. Her collections are mostly appreciated for their tailoring and refined, distinguished detailing. Marcha Hüskes wants to create a ësense of coutureí whilst offering a perfectly wearable look, dressing women for both day and night time.

"The essence of the Marcha Hüskes label is focus, perfection, comfort, purity, minimalism and quality. I wish to distinguish my label from a fashion majority that is mainly running after transitory trends, stimulating a throwaway consumer mentality."