logo jupe

Jupe by Jackie is a young Amsterdam based brand, making ties and bow ties. Jupe was established at the start of 2010, in the narrow canal lined streets of Amsterdam. Its philosophy is based on the idea that an accessory has the ultimate character for those who want to express their personality.

Jupe has been developed with an emphasis on style. We admire the simple yet stunning classic silhouettes; impeccable and sophisticated colour combinations with an eye for intricate detail. Each design, recognized for the refined colour combination, has exquisite details, embroidered by master artisans. The brand is growing organically, with a focus on individuality.

The designers’ strong passion for fashion made her decide to go to India, where the hand-embroidery is done by individuals of the highest level of skill. After the intensive search for the finest materials and skilful artists, Jackie is now proud to have her own atelier with dedicated men carrying out her vision. Jupe’s pieces are made of silk and peppered with personality.