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Designers Diederik Verbakel and Marieke Holthuis both worked at several established Italian fashion companies for over a decade before they started their own fashion and jewelry brand *DIED*. Ever since the two met during their studies at the famed Fashion Design Academy of Arnhem, Artez, from which they graduated in 1999, they have shared a keen eye for the authentic quality of the artisanal hand in fashion. On their many travels around the globe, while working as fashion professionals, they discovered a dazzling wealth of local traditions and different lifestyles.

It was in 2010 that their accumulated treasure of inspiration sparked the start up their own brand *DIED*. Savoring traditional handcrafts Verbakel and Holthuis keep searching the planet for the best artisans and craftsmen to realize their contemporary vision. Using preciously pure and natural materials only, *DIED* collections are rich yet refined, always elegant yet with a sharp edge.
After their debut collection BLACK AS NIGHT, *DIED* has just launched Collection No.2: SOLARIS REBELLUM, featuring strong solar circle graphics. Punkish eyewear, made by hand from scrap wood, will grab your attention and guide you towards the jewelry and clothing. Artisanal and always deeply personal, *DIED* is typically easy to wear contemporary luxury.

Apart from their own online shop which opened recently, *DIED* is currently available from a select international list of stockists including I.T in Hong Kong, Pelican in Osaka and The People of the Labyrinths and SPRMRKT in Amsterdam.