logo baskosters

The Bas Kosters Studio is an Amsterdam based fashion company, with Bas Kosters as the head designer and art director of his Studio. In his mission to make outstanding clothes with a strong look and message, Bas creates small worlds within this world to inspire people. Bas delivers total concepts of high artistic, creative and authentic value.

With his whimsical style and colourful approach in presentation he knows how to shape his vision in every direction he wants, rejecting all disciplines while he is at it.

The inspiration for this new collection comes from the wide range of different views on the definition UGLY. Bas Kosters puts the ìUî in UGLY. The collection is a happy and playful search for the definition of beauty and good and bad taste. The youthful avant-garde collection includes styles for men and women and consists of conversation pieces with outspoken prints.

Bas Kosters is an eclectic designer with a keen eye for innovation in both music and fashion. His work is highly recognisable by his signature prints, dip dyes and strange playful silhouettes. These features are also seen in his wide range of illustrations and dolls.

Over the past years Bas worked with companies like Bugaboo, Coca Cola Light, Heineken and Mattel. Collaborations which are an important pillar of Studio Bas Kosters.