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EHUD is the menswear label designed by Amsterdam based designer Ehud Joseph. Through experimenting with the limitations of menswear, old codes are given a new lease of life. Uniforms as cultural identifiers are the starting point for a compact but complete wardrobe that is grounded in contemporary life, yet steeped in tradition. The result is a clear-cut collection that is built on smart tailoring and a luxurious reinterpretation of classic staples. Experimenting with textile development form an important part of the collection’s development, with new techniques explored every season.

The Winter 2011 collection was the second season that the EHUD collection was fully developed in partnership with Gysemans Clothing Industry, Belgium. This partnership gave the EHUD label the ability to manufacture and distribute its collections through the well-established channels of a world recognized luxury-clothing manufacturer.
Ehud Joseph was born in Israel and grew up in New Zealand. After studying Fine Art Ehud started his own Menswear label in 1999, showing in 2001 in the first New Zealand Fashion week. Moving to London in 2002, Ehud graduated in 2006 from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. He has worked for various menswear companies and designer labels before launching his own collection in 2009.

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection from EHUD considers the transformation of identity through migration. How do you grow to belong to a new country? How do you internalize a new culture, dress up to become a part of a new place? How do you protect yourself from losing yourself in the process and during this journey? Exploring new ideas in tailoring and layering, EHUD continues to develop a distinctive tailored language that is both classic yet experimental with the pillars of traditional menswear.