avelon logo

Avelon is designed by - and since 2010 also owned by - Erik Frenken. His signature style merges a tough fashion edge with laid back, accessible and season-less looks. Before coming into his own at Avelon, Frenken worked at Alberta Ferretti and Viktor & Rolf. 
Avelon is about understated luxury worn with a casual attitude. Avelon is a designer label and it is the most beautiful in its kind aiming to be special and limited without being ‘exclusive’. It is designed for people who are aware of their sense of style and want to be recognized for showing an understated personal signature. Avelon combines luxury garments with rough edges and delicate elements.
Erik Frenken’s vision is an affordable designer brand, always special and distinguished, creating a directional and season-less look for every occasion!

Avelon;  ‘A Duck-taped Cocktail dress’.